Friday, October 17, 2008


So were now in florida. have been for a month now. i FINALLY start work tomorrow. lets hope i dont quit on my first day, its to long of a story to tell you everything but pretty much theyre SO disorginized to the fact that they LOST my application with me SSN and address and phone number all on it! were in our own place which is so nice. and im super proud of myself. this week ive made every meal at home and gone to the gym three times. i cant remember the last time i went to the gym 3 out of 5 days! michael is doing great he learned to say dog, this isnt so exciting to most but for us its huge! and my parents got remarried im no where near happy about that. im loving being back with family its absolutly wonderful! and justin and i are ok i guess. but its late im exhuasted and i have to be up in 6 hours. joy.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

the move

well if you dont know already our move has been postponed. my transmission blew on wednesday. so my car is in the shop till atleast the 29th. were currently waiting for the warrenty people to ok the replacement, thank god i bought the extended warrenty though! and thankfully it happened before we left so it happened here and not in the middle of nowhere. lynda had to postpone her ticket so the earliest we can leave is the 5th because thats the lowest airfare. i hope it gets sorted out soon. i should be in florida by now, well the very very top of florida ;). i just have the worst luck. i told everyone months and months ago i needed a new car, no one listened. so till its fixed everything is up in the air.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Phantom of the Opera

well Justin and i went to PotO on the 2nd. it was his fathers day present. it was absolutly beyond amazing! we both enjoyed it, though justin didnt like the woman behind us kicking him every 5 minutes. we had front row mezzanaine seats that were great! i really hope we can go to at least one show a year. it was great to get out just the two of us and also to have an excuse to get dressed up! though there was a couple there that made me giggle it looked like they were gonna go to prom! she had prom hair and everything. so long story short best money spent in a long time!

heres a couple pics.

justin and i. yes he wore a 100% wool coat in 90someodd degree heat!
squishy face!
the cast at the end.
the veiw from out seats. you could see everything!

life lessons

i posted this on my myspace but i feel like posting it here also

i stole this off a bulletin by mike. no idea if you wrote it or not but ill give ya credit!

1) Life is constantly changing - resolve to change yourself in order to keep up :)

2) We spend too much time worrying about stuff that we cannot change whether we worry about it or not so... resolve not to worry (do not confuse concern and worry though - learn the difference/know the difference.

3) Stay positive ALWAYS!! no matter the circumstance, it's usually never really as bad as we believe.

4) No matter how hard life is for you, someone is going through worse and that's the truth.

5) If you hit bottom, don't be despondent, afterall, there's only one way to go from there and that's... UP

6) Laugh at yourself often - it's self theraphy.

7) NEVER be afraid to state your opinion - a word of caution though - It's not WHAT you say but HOW you say it.

8) NEVER be afraid to NOT follow the crowd, as a matter of fact, LET THE CROWD FOLLOW YOU. Be prepared, however to be labelled a rebel, b*t*h, etc.....

9) The only person who has to live with you is Y-O-U so live your life in a manner so that you can look yourself in the eyes in the mirror.

10) Based on 9 above, don't place the source of your happiness in anyone's hands but your own. Others can bring you joy, be grateful for that but let the ultimate joy be within you.

theres some good lessons in there!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Getting closer

well moving is getting closer and closer. I've started packing up Michael's room since it seems to be the easiest. We still need to go back to our old house and get the stuff we left and clean it all out. I don't think that will happen till about a week or so before the move. We're trying to find a moving company that will come pack up the house and load it into a truck that he can then drive to Florida. Mainly because I won't be here to help him. I also just started a second job and they don't know I'm leaving so I'm not sure how that's going to work out. I am hoping I can transfer with them but I don't know their policies on that. My general manger at gymbo is leaving and the person we think is taking over knows I am leaving and she's fine with it. Life seems to be taking some funny turns lately but I think it will all be for the better and I think moving will be the best choice ever. So for anyone that wants to keep tabs on the countdown here you go this is the first tentative date
and this is the second

I can't wait I'm getting super excited!

Friday, June 6, 2008

well its finally happening!

were finally moving back to florida!!! YAY! i am so excited. michael and i will be leaving the end of july/beginning of august. justin will be staying till the end of september when our lease goes up so he can stay and build work experience. michael and i will stay with lynda and manny (justins parents) till he gets down then we will get an apartment. i plan on starting back to school this fall and ive decided i want to be an ultrasound technician. i cant wait to move i feel like our life will finally be better and complete. so exciting!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

First zoo trip!

Michael and I went to the zoo for the first time last Saturday. He had a blast and so did I. I love zoo's and can't wait to take him back! He really loved the chimps and meerkats. There were two baby twin chimps that were just about his age and he got such a kick out of them, it was so cute to watch. We also pet a real live rhino!! Heres some pictures :)
contemplating the chimps

me and my furry friend!
watching the wanna be pigs
with our buddy the rhino!
laughing at those silly meerkats

on a giant gold tortouise
he really wanted to take one home!

Trying to escape

Trying to escape
Almost 11 months