Saturday, August 23, 2008

the move

well if you dont know already our move has been postponed. my transmission blew on wednesday. so my car is in the shop till atleast the 29th. were currently waiting for the warrenty people to ok the replacement, thank god i bought the extended warrenty though! and thankfully it happened before we left so it happened here and not in the middle of nowhere. lynda had to postpone her ticket so the earliest we can leave is the 5th because thats the lowest airfare. i hope it gets sorted out soon. i should be in florida by now, well the very very top of florida ;). i just have the worst luck. i told everyone months and months ago i needed a new car, no one listened. so till its fixed everything is up in the air.

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Megan said...

booo. on a good note, you will still get to see me so there is a bright side :)

Silver isn't bad I guess, maybe they can tie for first? lol. we'll have to agree to disagree on this one i think!

Trying to escape

Trying to escape
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