Thursday, April 10, 2008

scariest moment ever!

i was changing michael this morning and he was squirming everywhere, which he does so often now. well his hutch on top of this changing table has no way of being secured down. we never thought of this as a problem before because it was back up to a wall and couldnt go anywhere. well now it can! michael pushed it to hard and it came crashing down on him. i thought he was gonna get smooshed. i tried to protect his head as much as possible and throw it over him. well it hit him but not hard he had a little red mark for a couple hours but thats it. hes doing fine and now we have the hutch against the wall like before. it was so scary. i was shaking. he didnt even care he just wanted his nap. i hope nothing like this ever happens again i thought i was gonna have a heart attack.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

its official

i am now officially a tulsan! justin and i are now living in tulsa finally. and of course a few days after we get here it freakin hails so now we both have hail damage :( oh well thats why you have insurance right! and i started at the gymboree up here this past monday and LOVE it. such a great store everyone is awesome and so much fun! well this was a short post but it was straight to the point at least :)

Trying to escape

Trying to escape
Almost 11 months