Sunday, January 13, 2008

my chuppah inspiration

just so everyone can see heres some of my inspiration :) and of course it would be in our colors and flowers.

Friday, January 11, 2008


im bored and isnt working. michael wont sleep and i should be cleaning but here i am. justin asked me to finish cleaning today but in order to do that michael must be asleep because once i make a noise he starts to cry, and hes not even in the same room. so here i sit watching wednesdays days of our lives and writing this. ive been trying to find more insperation pics for the wedding and ive been looking for DJs and photo/video people but people arent smart and dont put there prices on their websites! i faxed off the contract for the venue for the ceremony/reception so that is finally done yay!

were still waiting to hear back from the lady at t-mobile about justins background report. turns out shes been out of the office for a week due to being sick. so we will see what happens. if the take back his job offer im gonna be PISSED! it wouldnt be the first time theyve done it. i think it should be against the law. but everything came off his background in nov so they shouldnt have a problem with it cause their rules are that it cant be within 5 years well in nov it was 5 years at least thats when they told him to re-apply. he had applied there in 05 and they offered him a job then 2 weeks later told him they were taking back the job offer. yea not so good. i just really want to get our house sold and move back to florida. i dont wanna be here anymore and i know im the one that forced the move out here but that was for a lot of bad reasons. im nervous about her calling, she didnt call today at least not to my knowledge and to me i would think that she would call right away if it was good news. hopefully shes just backed up.

now back to my cleaning. i hate hate hate cleaning i wish i could win the lotto so i could hire a maid. im so not a normal girl i guess cause i also hate cooking. i need a chef and a maid lol oh life would be grand. or i need someone to teach me how to cook and how to make cleaning fun or at least tolerable. im also a packrat who likes to read every paper i come across while reading so it takes hours for just one room. maybe thats why i dont like to do it. its wierd cause i love cleaning windows and dusting. vacuuming and doing the floors yea not so much. plus michael HATES the sound of the vacuum so that happens not as often as it should.

ugh guess its time to stop writting thanks for reading if you read it all! :)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Wedding inspiration pictures

Our colors are a chocolate brown and a teal blue somewhat like a tiffanys blue but a little darker. if that makes any sense.
Heres some ideas for cakes (i dont want any flowers on my cake though)

This is my absolute favorite but brown and blue

Heres some hair ideas

Heres some flower ideas
I really want a lot of peonies, hydrangeas, iris's (but only for the special people ;) ), sweet peas, lillies, and orchids.
These last three are my favorite centerpieces.

more to come later

**Random Things**
My Ring

Its 2 am

and im awake. michael woke up at his normal 1245-1250 and i think **knock on wood** that hes asleep for good. im watching th x effect i get sucked into this show. oh the drama. i hate it in my own life but its fun to watch on tv :) michaels video moniter is fuzzy and acting up. he knocked it off the stand and now the anttena isnt lined up or something. i found a love for IKEA today. ive never been but got the urge to look online and found a ton of things i can use for the wedding! i also think im going to make my save th date cards because justin and i cant agree on ANYTHING and id save some money. i found the people i want to make the invites theyre gorgeous invites and rather cheap. i feel so behind on all things wedding. its frustrating cause if you know me im very OCD about this stuff. oh well this has taken ten minutes to right this little blurb think im finally gonna go to bed. night all.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Well here i go, start stalking!

Ok so ive been forced to start this lol. hope i can keep up with it, lord knows i talk enough! so i dont know where to start. lifes good. michaels 11 months on monday (holy sh*t) and its less then 9 months to the wedding (another holy sh*t). i cant wait to tell my boss im transfering i think im gonna do a happy dance! oh yea ps were moving if you didnt know. justin got a better job in fort lauderdale so back we go! its paying 6 bucks more an hour and AMAZING benefits, did i mention my cell phone bill will drop by like 60 bucks! the weather was sooo nice today it was in the 60s!! and the housing market is booming so im excited that hopefully our house will sell fast. the dogs are doing good. gizmo (the shihtzu) hair was getting crazy and had a bunch of knots in it, we were keeping up with it. so now we had to shave him completely. ive never seen a fully shaved shih tzu. he looks like a pug with a nose. weve taken to calling him frank because he looks like the dog from men in black who was named frank. he actually responds to it lol our neighborhood is almost finished being built. and we are officially the only floorplan in the neighborhood!! woohoo! and our floorplan kicks butt! well the wedding is coming along, we picked a venue and i picked my dress. the venue is GalleryOne which is a doubletree hotel, and my dress is by maggie sottero and its absolutly gorgeous! im currently trying to pick save the date cards and figure out where we wanna go for our honeymoon. my next stress is finding an amazing photographer in our budget, photographers in fort lauderdale are OUTRAGEOUS! i think thats about it thats going on. im sure ill be posting a ton more in the next few months! sorry this was all over the place :)

Trying to escape

Trying to escape
Almost 11 months